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  Popatlal Dhanjibhai Malaviya College of Commerce
  Yr Estd.: 1957
Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

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NamePrin. Dr. Kamlesh Mulshankar Jani
Date of Birth20-06-1966
AddressPrincipal Bungalow,
P.D.Malaviya College Campus, Gondal Road,
Educational QualificationB.Com.-1986, M.Com.-1988, M.Phil.-1992, Ph.D.-1999
Experience 16 YEARS & 10 MONTHS
Research Publication
Articles in State Level magazines :
“Saurashtra Ni Jal Samasya” (Water Crisis in Saurashtra) in the magazine “Krishi Jivan” Page no.22-23-24 approved by Gujarat State Fertilizers Corporation.
“Saurashtra Ni Jal Samasya – Swaroop Ane Samadhan” (Water Crisis in Saurashtra – its form & solution) in the magazine “Yojna” – July 1997 – Year 24 – No.7.
“Saurashtra Vistar Ni Road – Rasta Ni Samasya” (The problems of Roads in Saurashtra) “Arth Sankalan” magazine, Sept.-1998-Year 31, No.9. - a prominent Gujarati magazine of Economics & Commerce.
“Marg Parivahan Sanchalan – Paya No Prashna” (Transport Management – fundamental problems) – in the magazine “Arth Sankalan” – January 1999 Year 32 No.1.
“Paryavaran Audit” (Environment Audit), “Arth Sankalan” – Year 35 No.7.
“Pedhi Ni Samajik Javabdari Na Samprat Pravaho” (Contemporary Social responsibility of a Firm) in the magazine “Arth Sankalan” – Year 35 No.9.
7)“Classroom Management” – already submitted for publishing to “University News”.
8)Paryavaravanlakshi Hisabo – Ek Vikasato Khayal – Anivarya Jaruriyat” – (Environmental Audit – A developing thought – a pre-requisite). -already submitted for publishing in the magazine “Arth Sankalan”.
Research Guidance
Mr. Mulchandani Rajesh
Lecturer in Commerce – com
Ph. D. Reg. No.3810 Dt.28/02/2008
Subject : Profitability Analysis of Housing Finance Companies (Special reference to Gujarat)
Miss Shilpa Ravindrabhai Bhatt
Lecturer in Management – Gosarani College - Jamnagar
Ph. D. Reg. No.3978 Dt.31/07/2008
Subject : A study of Financial Performance Apprisal of Life Insurance Corporation of India (1993-1999 and 2000 to 2007)
Miss Amisha Subhashchandra Rana
Lecturer in Management
Ph. D. Reg. No.3977 Dt.31/07/2008
Subject : "Shareholders value creation in Automobile industry in India (1998 to 2008)
Membership in Academic & Professional Bodies
Life member in Professional Association :
1)Indian Accounting Association.
2)Indian Commerce Association.
3)RAJKOT Management Association.
Seminar / Conference
Sr.No.OrganizerSubjectYearNational / State
1)Gujarat University Area Accountancy Teachers’ Association, Ahmedabad“Liverage & Valuation of Firm”27/01/91State Level Seminar
2)Indian Institute of Agricultural Statistics, New Delhi-------6-7-8, Dec.’97National Level Seminar
3)University Department of Chemistry, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar“Workshop on copyright”22/09/01State Level Seminar
4)“U.G.C. sponsored National Level Seminar on Impacts of Economics reforms on Indian Economy” - Junagadh----------5-6, Jan.’02National Level Seminar
5)“U.G.C. sponsored National Level Seminar on Globalization Challenges – threats & opportunities for Indian small Industry sector – Bhavnagar----------22/02/03National Level Seminar
6)NAAC sponsored National Seminar on Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Saurashtra University, Rajkot-----------18-20, March ‘05National Level Seminar
Paper Presentation
Sr.No.OrganizerSubjectYearNational / State
1)Saurashtra University, Rajkot : P. G. Department of Commerce & Business Administration.“A preview of Union Budget 1993-94.”07/02/93State Level Seminar
2)Indian Accounting Association, Rajkot“Total Quality Management”22/01/95State Level Seminar
3)Indian Accounting Association“Preview of Budget”04/03/95State Level Seminar
4)Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Business Management, Vikram University, Ujjain“Accounting Education & Research Challenges for 21st Century”27/12/95National Level Seminar
5)Gujarat Economic Association, Ahmedabad“Financial Sector Reform in India.”02/03/96
State Level Seminar
6)Gujarat Economic Association, Ahmedabad“Emerging Problems & Programs of Saurashtra & Kutchchh”22/02/97
State Level Seminar
7)Gujarat Economic Association, Ahmedabad“Parivahan Sanchalan – Paya No Prashna” [Gujarati]02/03/96
State Level Seminar
8)29th Annual Conference of Gujarat Economics Association“Bal-Majuri” – Ek Samajik Padkar21/02/99State Level Seminar
9)XXII International Seminar & National conference of Indian Accounting Association“Environmental Accounting & Auditing”.27-28 Feb.99National Level Seminar
10)National Conference on Emerging trends in Commerce & Economics & Stress Management, Junagadh“Stress Management”21-22 Sept.02National Level Seminar
11)National Conference on Extemporary Issues in Management, Rajkot“Classroom Management”27/09/03National Level Seminar
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